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How to Advertise your business online - 5 Ways

by HowNow » 30 Oct 2016, 05:05
The following will show how to advertise your business online profitably in Nigeria or internationally. First, let us examine why it is important to advertise online today.

Gone are those days when all you need to do was to stock up your local physical shop and then rely on local passers by and referrals to make profitable sales. Now in this digital age when most people go online for information and services and products, getting found online is inevitable for business survival, profitability and competitiveness. If you are not found online, you may open an electronics shop even at cheaper prices but a neighbor receives a delivery of same electronics from an online shop. Got the gist?

If you don't have time for all the technicality of getting found online, you could employ the cost effective service of Nigeria company like GetOnline NG (http://www.getonline.com.ng) for all your digital campaign services.

Now, how do you advertise your business online? There are 5 major approaches that we will examine here today.

1. Google Adwords:
Google is the internet giant of search and in fact the most used and visited online service today, also in Nigeria. When people search for info online, they are mostly trying to Google this or Google that. So, using Google to advertise your stuff is a number 1 best approach. Don't know how? Google will still tell us. Just Google it!

2. Facebook Ads
Facebook is the single largest online network in history in the world right now. People go on Facebook to search for and connect with human friends, associations and business. Using, Facebook ads will gain you exposure to all the billions of local and international Facebook users.

3. Twitter Ads
Twitter follows Facebook closely as an online networking system of humans and businesses. You can start a Twitter advert campaign too.

4. Yahoo Ads
Just like Google, Yahoo is also a competing search giant on the net and also an email server, typically the largest. Advertising on Yahoo will gain you unprecedented exposure to the hundreds of millions of loyal users both locally and internationally.

5. Local Websites: Forums & Blogs
This is especially useful and effective if your business needs local authority. We have some local websites that can get your business on the lips of the people. Local Nigerian Forum like Bestnaija and blogs likes Ogbonge Blog will get your business exposure to local quality Nigerian readers. Contact those website owners today and see a difference.

This is digital age and not stone age. And business is no longer business as usual. The current generation wants convenience and digital solutions. So, in order not to get left behind, before you close shop thinking it is the work of your village people that made your customers run away, you better move with the trend. Get digital, get online today.

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Those guys know the Nigerian terrain and will get you success.

So, those are the 5 major ways to advertise online, in Nigeria or internationally.

by HowNow » 05 Nov 2016, 12:09
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