by GodKnows » 18 Nov 2014, 19:03
After yam and cassava, potato comes next in line. Irrespective of where you reside, potato is everywhere in the world.

Potato was first discovered in Southern of Peru. Since then, potato has taken many voyages from one place to another. Potato got to Spain through Gonzalo Jiminez de Quesada (1499-1579). In the year 1589, Sir Walter Raleigh took potato to Iceland. History revealed that potato was first noticed in Africa in 1567 but it only became popular in the mid 1920s.

Now that you have seen the wide acceptability of potato and how profitable it can be, let's talk about the cultivation.

You note that the leaves of potato can be edibly poisonous. When you come across the green potato, be careful with it because it deadly. Do not plant potato twice on the same soil consecutively. Potato needs water, but too much of it will hamper its growth.

If you to plant or cultivate it, you can plan the so-called potato seed, or the potato tuber, or the potato stem. The potato stem forms root and the root fos tuber. This is so because potato is a crawling plant.

1) Potato loves a wet area of land for instance close to a stream, a swarmp, etc. That doesn't mean you can't plant it where you desire in as much as you will create irrigation or find a means of watering it.

2) Make a planting bed where the potato will be planted.

3) With 12inches to 2feet apart, you can take the potato seed which looks like a small ball of potato and bury it properly in the bed. If the tuber is what you want to plant, cut it and place the dry face in the sun for at least 2days to dry then when planting it, do not bury cut part facing the soil. If the stem is your preference, cut it from the sandy part upward and let it be like 2feet long. Dig it or Pierce it into the soil. You can as well plant the mixture of stem, tuber and seed in a single planting bed.

4) Ensure its water supply, add manure and prevent from weeds.

5) At exactly 3 weeks you are harvest. Potato can be harvested gradually by either checking the soil for your desired quantity while the rest can still be left in the soil until need be.