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How To Extract, Modify/Edit and Repack Android Apk App Files

by HowNow » 15 Dec 2015, 18:46
The following tutorial will show how to easily extract, modify or edit and repack Android .apk app files on your PC computer.

Have you ever wished you could modify an Android app to add or remove or modify some features like pictures of colors of value strings? Then this tutorial is an easy way for you to achieve this. With this hownow tutorial, will you surely be able to customize any Android game or App to your taste.

Required Tools:
There are two files needed for this exercise, and these files are available freely n the internet, thanks to the makers. These files are:
1. APKTool, needed to decompile and recompile APK files, and
2. SignApk, which is needed to sign the recompiled APK files.

These two files have been zipped in one folder and is downloadable here.

1. Download the zip folder above and extract it into a folder automatically named APKTool. This folder will contain four sub-folders, viz files, compiled, decompiled, and signed.
Using thhe 4 folders:
a. Files: Put the Android APK you want to modify in here. In our tutorial, lets name it MYAPP.apk
b. Decompiled: The decompiled aok content files go here automaticaly. You can pick them and edit the files after decompiling and save each back in here.
c. Compiled: After you have edited and recompiled the apk files from the decompiled folder, the unsigned APK file goes here automatically. The unsigned apk file will need signing before being useful.
d. Signed: The finished apk file, after signing with the steps below automatically goes here. You can now use and install the finished apk after signing.

NOTE: There would be other files in the APKTool folder asides these sub-folders. One of them is named Command Prompt.

2. Launch the Command Prompt file, and it will open a windows command prompt where we carry out the following steps.

3. EXTRACTION: Type the following command in the command prompt:

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apktool d files/MYAPP.apk decompiled/MYAPP
MYAPP.apk being the app you are editing. This command will extract the original MYAPP apk files contents into the decompiled sub-folder:

4. EDITING, MODIFYING: You can now browse into the decompiled folder and replace anything and edit anything you want to edit accurately. Replace pictures, change values etc.

5. REPACKING, ZIPPING IT ALL BACK: After saving all your modifications, run the following commands in the same command prompt:

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apktool b decompiled/MYAPP compiled/MYAPP.apk
This command will bind together all the modified apk contents into one new MYAPP.apk andoid app file in the Compiled sub-folder.

6. FINALLY, SIGNING: As stated earlier, the final apk is unsigned and is useless as such. Now we take advantage of the second downloaded file SignApk to sign it. So, in the same command prompt window, type:

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java -jar signapk.jar certificate.pem key.pk8 compiled/MYAPP.apk signed/MYAPP.apk
Thats it! Eureka! The final product, a signed and modified MYAPP.apk will be located in the Signed subfolder. Now its ready for use!

Now you can transfer it to your Android phone or tab, and enjoy!

by HowNow » 26 Oct 2016, 20:08
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