by GodKnows » 07 Oct 2014, 22:23

So, you have some grains of rice with you. And you have coconut, a bottle of groundnut oil and sauce and seasoning available?
Okay then, lets make coconut rice.

(i) Get the pot ready. Get the stove ready. Get other utensils ready.

(ii) Cook the fish or chicken or maybe the Sallah Festival Ram because you'll need the water to add taste and aroma to the meal.


(iii) Break the coconut and extract the edible part. Crush it with blender or grater. Put the blended coconut in a bowl of moderate water content, then sieve it to separate the milky water from the coconut.

(iv) Pour the milky water in a pot.

(v) Add the meat-water you have boiled to the milky water then add every other needed recipes (excluding the meat or fish) then place it on the stove to be boiling for 5minutes.

(vi) Wash the rice properly and add the washed rice to the boiling recipe.

(vii) Place the meat or fish strategically in the rice and carefully cover the pot.

(viii) When the rice is done and void of water (base on your desire). Rusticate it from the stove and begin to serve.

I hope you enjoy the quick cooking strategy.