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The following guide will show how to use Bestnaija Forum community of Nigerians and to know the difference and features from Nairaland forum. Bestnaija Forum online community is the top-rated Nigerian forum with modern features and functionalities that not only meet modern users' tastes but also surpass them. Many people confuse Bestnaija with Nairaland. Some see many similarities. Of course, Facebook and Twitter have many similar features. But the truth is Bestnaija is more unique, advanced and far has better features.
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Bestnaija is a top-rated online Naija community. Call it a social network, a discussion forum, a news portal, a modern blog, our Besties have the final say on how to describe our one-stop-shop information and networking community. BestNaija.Com offers numerous features which you will definitely love:

1. The Discussion Forums
Covering virtually all areas of life, catch up and join discussions on everyday life issues from daily news to food, health, career, education, entertainment, sports, relationship, business and many more...

2. Private Messaging / Chat
Bestnaija community allows private messaging and chats between our Besties (members) and groups. This enhances networking, information exchange and ease of communication. This is a superb feature. It is private.

3. The Social Network
Meet people, build your network of friends as you connect with other Besties. The Social Network has the following powerful features and many more: MyPage (User timeline and statuses), Instant Chat, Online friend list, Friends Request And Approval System, User Profile Page, Notifications, and e-Gifting.

4. The Photos Gallery
Stay updated and have real fun while sharing and viewing numerous images on our photo sharing gallery. Categories include Funny images, sports, Photo News, Entertainment and also Private personal albums. Users can comment on, rate and share photos.

5. The Video Gallery
Similar to the photos gallery, this offers a lovely playlist of favorite videos online, ranging from comedy to full movies, sports moments, news and many more. Users can share and comment on videos.

6. Groups and Clubs
Networking has never been easier! Join groups and clubs of interest and meet people with similar interests. Users can send chats and messages to eligible targetted groups based on permissions,

7. The Random Thoughts (Quotes)
The home page offers daily, random motivational, career, business or life quotes for your enrichment! Don't miss them.

8. The Notifications Systems
Bestnaija has a comprehensive notification system that covers discussions and interactions. It covers interactions in the forum like comments, followers, and bookmarks. All these can be configured based on user preferences.

9. The User Control Dashboard
Users have the freedom to configure all sections according to their preferences. From notifications to messaging, everything is flexible

10. Membership and Loginfrom the traditional form for registration and login, Bestnaja is equipped with the OAuth Login system such that users can sign in or up anytime with existing social profiles on Facebook, Google (Gmail, Google+) and Yahoo.

11. And many more features
There are many unique features of our community that are beyond words alone. Seeing is believing! You can even deactivate your own account yourself. The moderation is friendly.

Join Bestnaija today and experience the best! Go to to join.