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You can make money online daily and easily with the Bestnaija free βCoins system. How does it work? How can you join? Read on.

At online community, quality is the watchword. The online community prides in quality information sharing, valuable networking and value addition. The Bestnaija is a premium and well moderated online Naija forum community you will appreciate for her orderliness and quality.

Yes, Bestnaija is female. So we use she or her. :mrgreen:

Join her here:

Bestnaija has come to change the landscape making money online in Nigeria to the win-win model by rewarding her besties only. Members of Bestnaija community are termed Besties.
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The Bestnaija βCoins system is free (I mean no registration fee at all) and as a member you start earning money. For major activities like quality comments, quality posted topics, quality referrals, you earn huge βCoins which you can share, spend, donate, lose, forfeit, or cash or withdraw in form of cash transfer, recharge voucher, movie tickets, data bundle et cetera!

It's a rewarding system. And below are the breakdown:

How to earn βCoins (real money) on

1. For every new topic you post and is approved, you earn a whopping 100βCoins! That's as a normal member. Premium members get a whopping 1000βCoins per original content.

2. For every reasonable and quality comment on any topic, you earn a whopping 20βCoins.

3. For every new member you refer (each Bestie has a referral code and unique link) you earn a huge 100βCoins and it gets a little dazing for Premium Besties who get a crazy 5000βCoins per referral!

4. Other activities that will still earn (in progress) are videos posted, photos shared, group/club leadership roles and more!

How to join Bestnaija βCoins system
It is free! You start earning as soon as you become a Bestie!

Seeing is believing. There are testimonies as evidence it works.

Learn more about the Bestnaija βCoins System here.

Tell others. Students, job seekers, bloggers, Webmasters and more.

It works. It's free.