by GodKnows » 18 Dec 2014, 19:58

In my previous post, I revealed to you, how to fix the wall tiles yourself and I'm glad that those who saw the post helpful emailed me. Thanks a million times for taking time out of no time to contact me.

Due to popular demand, I have seen it necessary to set a table before you and the table will discuss how to self-lay the floor tiles in any place you desire them to be.

Without making much fire for the frying a fly, lets look at the way through it:

How To Lay The Floor Tiles Yourself

Step 1: slightly wet fine aggregate cement (sand/cement ) mixture will be used to fill the room and then leveled with a long range to make a bed

Step 2: make a cement/water mixture that is watery

Step 3: use bowl to take d mixture and spread on the well leveled cement/sand bed layed to door sail level (i.e below the door to enable free door movement )

Step 4: as you spread the cement/water mixture lay the tiles by row or column
Note: the tiles to be used most be soaked in water (the same way I mention in the tutorial on fixing the wall tiles) before laying them, the sand bed most properly be leveled and plumbed, the fill must not obstruct the movement of door , the space between the tiles must be filled with white cement.

I believe that those are the necessary things you need to know, let's leave the rest knowhow to the professionals, if you have any further questions feel free to make a comment but if you feel your question should be private, you can send an email through the email address in the contact page.,